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On the left map, we grouped Deals Influencers that are located close to each other into small circles. Now, you can locate all Deals Influencers on the map at the same time. You can also drag & zoom the map.

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Top Belizean Chef well known for his culinary skills. He has 23 K followers on Facebook and 7.8 K followers on Instagram.
An inspiring media personality at Love News, which has countrywide coverage via Love FM, Love TV, Estereo Amor & More FM in addition to 182,355 Facebook followers.
Love FM
A captivating media personality at Channel 5 with 272.5K followers on Facebook and 2 YouTube Channels with 50.9K subscribers.
Channel 5
A fierce entertainer using humorous videos based in trending events in Belize. He has 41.3 K followers on Tiktok with 1.5 Million likes and 2.8K followers on Instagram.
A passionate journalist working for BREAKING NEWS with 201 K followers on Facebook, 13 K followers on Twitter.
Breaking Belize News