Chef Sean Kuylen

Northern Belize, Southern Belize
Belizean Traveller

Top Belizean Chef well known for his culinary skills. He has 23 K followers on Facebook and 7.8 K followers on Instagram.
Sean Kuylen is a Belizean chef, trained in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies in San Francisco, California. After culinary school, he ventured into resorts in Belize, St. Vincent, the Grenadines, and Dominica, where he began to explore and appreciate Caribbean Cuisine. He returned home to Belize with a newfound respect and appreciation for the local ingredients, cooking techniques, and especially the cultures of Belize. He has since become the authority of our country’s food or what he calls, “Inspired Belizean Cuisine”. Chef Sean simply takes the many cultures of the country and presents their food in a more contemporary way using techniques from the French techniques and training he learned in culinary school.
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