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On the Monkey river tour we get to see a lot of birds, Turtles, Crocodile, and the black howler Monkey. we can pick you up any where on the Placencia peninsula by boat or by vehicle at your resort.
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Felt exploitative of the animals
We were really excited about this trip, but unfortunately it felt extremely exploitative of the wildlife we were taking the tour to see. One, the boat zips through the water, including the areas where manatees live. Our tour guide even mentioned the big problem of boats hitting manatees, as he was zipping us through the manatee habitat. Boats are the biggest danger to them and cause catastrophic injuries, ... more so we had naively assumed that since thus tour included a manatee watch, it would be a slow boat ride as not to injure the manatees. While we did see manatees, including a baby, there were a total of three tour boats chasing them around the water at the same time. I cant imagine how stressful that was to mom and baby. Second, we did a hike to see the howler monkeys. We found some, and learned that they howl when they are distressed about something or when they are going to fight. So, our tour guide and a guide from another tour beat on trees and howled continuously to get them to make noises. It worked, and the guides did it again and again. Then another monkey family joined in. The guide said they were probably coming to fight the first family since they had heard the howling. So the poor monkeys have to deal with being harassed every day by people walking into their home, agitating them until they howl. We would have been fine with just seeing the monkeys. We know that wildlife doesn't exist just for humans and we may or may not hear them or see them. Id understand if the guides did a few howls to see if they got a response, but the way they harassed the monkeys over and over and over until they howled again and again just felt wrong. Third, on the way home we saw some beautiful starfish. The guide pulled over and encouraged the guests to take them OUT OF THE WATER which kills the starfish. Taking a starfish out of the water is like taking a fish out of water, they are literally drowning while people play with them and take pictures. After a couple minutes we advised the others to put it back, as they will die if out for three minutes. The your guide told them they could be out for 30 minutes... which is just untrue. And, surely he stops at the same starfish everyday, so who knows how often that one is getting pulled out and damaged by humans. They can also die from stress of repeated interaction. This could have been a great tour, and we wish the tour company would show respect for the wildlife that are the reason for the tour, rather than treat them like toys for tourists to play with.
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